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Beth Farmer, Owner

Native Plant Nursery

Contractor C License


Address:  18167 Locust Grove Rd.
                 Bowling Green, VA  22427

Turn any area into a meadow. 
 Enjoy the beauty of
"Nature at it's Best".

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Landscape to bring the song birds, bees
and butterflies back to your yard.

Phone:  (804) 691-4425

2019 Inventory List available soon!​

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Call (804) 691-4425​

Garden Gate Landscape & Design, LLC

Conservation and Sustainable Landscaping provides a diverse habitat using native plants that will support wildlife, protects our water resources, protects air quality, reduces maintenance time and cost.

The Native Nursery was also established to provide locally raised plants native to Virginia. These are raised without the use of chemicals and pesticides.  I have a growing selection of natives that are grown from locally collected seed or propagated from local wild stock. That list is available upon request.   A complete list of all inventory is available on the inventory page.  A price list can also be emailed or mailed upon request.  

New Location!
I am very excited about our move to Caroline County.
I will have space to grow as much as I possible can!
Garden Gate will be open as usual in early March
and will continue as normal with all local sales and Farmer's Markets.